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Modelling of Mass and Energy Transport in Porous Media With Practical Applications
lun 17 set, 2012
Berlin-Dahlem, Germany
Ente organizzatore: Freie Universität Berlin

September 17-21, 2012
Berlin-Dahlem, Germany

Modelling of Mass and Energy Transport in Porous Media With Practical Applications

Freie Universität Berlin; Interdisciplinary Center: "Efficient Mathematical Modelling, Earth and Life Sciences";
Department of Earth Science
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


The lectures will be given in English or German as appropiate.

This course will be presented by experts from numerical analysis, geohydrology and industry. In a world of increasing specialization and diverging scientific languages the ability to focus the compentence of different disciplines on common goals becomes a key advantage in meeting present and future challenges. We will adress
• Basic priciples (geohydrological modelling, numerical solution, practical application)
• Actual trends (sequestration, geothermal earth energy, environmental remediation)
by a combination of lectures, computer exercises, project work, and, not to forget, coffee.

The course will be divided into two sections:

•Section 1: [Day 1 through 3] This section is devoted to training and discussion. Each day consists of
1. Two morning lectures on basic principles.
2. Supplementary computer exercises in the afternoon.
3. A keynote talk on actual trends in geohydrology and industrial applications.
This section is designed for participants from universities and industry.

•Section 2: [Day 4 and 5] In this section, the participants carry out projects on their own. In small groups of 2-3 participants, both from geohydrology and mathematics, they concentrate on practical problems, and, in the end, present their results.
This section is particularly designed for participants from universities.

MATLAB® and the FEFLOW® simulation system will be used for the computational exercises of both sections.

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