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Master Class on GPS
mar 03 ago, 2021
Evento online
Ente organizzatore: NHAZCA S.r.l.

The IcGSM (14-15-16 June 2021) will give an overview of geotechnical and structural monitoring in the 2020s taking advantage of introductory, keynote, case histories and new trends sessions. Several companies are expected to attend the 7th IcGSM to show their innovative solutions equipment for geotechnical and structural monitoring taking advantage of their virtual booths. The IcGSM includes also 14 Master Classes, spread on a semester (from June to December 2021), and a Field Trip (21-22 June 2021). The complete schedule is available at: The Master Classes will be organized in order to provide general and practical expertise on how to use the most common monitoring systems. Classes, with a duration of 4 hours, will be held by leading international experts. Each class will cover the following main topics: installation, data acquisition, data processing, tricks&tips from everyday experience. Master Classes will be dedicated to 14 most used monitoring systems. Participants will have the chance to attend the whole event or follow one or more Master Classes or the Main Course only, at their choice. In order to complete your registration, please fill in the form available at:

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